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Contact Form Notifications

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Digits WordPress Plugin

Wpnotif enables you to ship notifications utilizing SMS or WhatsApp to your clients out of your WordPress website. The plugin can also be totally suitable with WooCommerce and you may setup computerized notification triggers in your clients at any time when they create a brand new order or at any time when the standing of that order is modified. Web site admins together with, retailer homeowners, editors and so forth may also setup messages or WhatsApp notifications for themselves.

Completely different Gateway for Completely different Nations

You can even setup totally different gateways for various nations which can assist you in reduncing your SMS price and on the identical time enhance deliverability

You’ve gotten the proper to selected the most cost effective gateway you need or use a mix of these.

Multi-Lingual SMS Template

Having clients from totally different nations who communicate totally different languages isn’t an issue, you’ll be able to setup SMS templates in a number of languages.

Why ship identical message time and again when you may make your buyer really feel particular by sending totally different message to everybody or each subsequent message.

WhatsApp Message Notification

Ship WhatsApp message notification to your clients alongside SMS or in case you don’t wish to ship SMS notifications then you’ll be able to flip that setting off and simply use WhatsApp Messages.

Sensible nation code detection

It doesn’t matter in case your cellular quantity subject has nation code in it or not, WPNotif is wise sufficient to search out it out and if its not current then put the nation code in place robotically


  • Multisite Help
  • 20+ SMS Built-in Gateways
  • Fast Ship SMS (Handbook)
  • Ship SMS from Order Web page
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Translation Prepared
  • Full WooCommerce Help
  • Automated WooCommerce Order Standing Replace Notification
  • Manually set off order Standing SMS
  • Helps Multi Nation

    We now have greater than 170+ gateways dedicatedly built-in with the plugin. And even when your gateway isn’t within the checklist, you’ll be able to nonetheless use your gateway with our customized gateway integration characteristic.

  • https://1s2u.com
  • https://2factor.in
  • https://46elks.com
  • https://adnsms.com
  • https://adpdigital.com
  • https://africastalking.com
  • https://agiletelecom.com
  • https://alfa-cell.com
  • https://alibabacloud.com/product/short-message-service
  • https://altiria.com
  • https://aws.amazon.com/pinpoint
  • https://aws.amazon.com/sns
  • https://aruba.it
  • https://bandwidth.com
  • https://beeline.ru
  • https://brandedsmspakistan.com
  • https://bulksms.com
  • https://bulksmsnigeria.com
  • https://callfire.com
  • https://camoo.cm
  • https://cdyne.com
  • https://clickatell.com
  • https://clicksend.com
  • https://clockworksms.com
  • https://cm.com
  • https://comilio.it
  • https://commzgate.com
  • https://cpsms.dk
  • https://d7networks.com
  • https://digimiles.in
  • https://doo.ae
  • https://easysendsms.com
  • https://engagespark.com
  • https://esendex.com
  • https://eskiz.uz/
  • https://esms.vn
  • https://experttexting.com
  • https://farapayamak.ir
  • https://fortytwo.com
  • https://foxgloveconnect.com
  • https://gateway.sa
  • https://gatewayapi.com
  • https://ghasedak.io
  • https://www.globelabs.com.ph
  • https://gntext.com
  • https://gupshup.io
  • https://hubtel.com
  • https://ibulksms.in
  • https://infobip.com
  • https://isms.com.my
  • https://isms.co.id
  • https://jazz.com.pk
  • https://jusibe.com
  • https://kaleyra.com
  • https://kapsystem.com
  • https://karix.io
  • https://kavenegar.com
  • https://kivalosolutions.com
  • https://labsmobile.com
  • https://malath.net.sa
  • https://max-sms.ir
  • https://melipayamak.com
  • https://mensatek.com
  • https://messagemedia.com
  • https://messagebird.com
  • https://messente.com
  • https://mimsms.com
  • https://mnotify.com
  • https://mobile.net.sa/
  • https://mobily.ws
  • https://mobyt.it
  • https://moceansms.com
  • https://mogreet.com
  • https://msegat.com/
  • https://msg91.com
  • https://netgsm.com.tr
  • https://nexmo.com
  • https://toast.com
  • https://notify.lk
  • https://nowsms.com
  • https://ooredoo-sms.com
  • https://openmarket.com
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  • https://osonsms.com
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    For higher formatted changelog click here

    NOTE: We additionally launch third decimal level (like round each 10 days with minor fixes and beta options, however they're solely obtainable by way of our servers, so we request you to replace your plugin out of your Put in Plugins web page in your WordPress Admin Panel. We additionally do not replace changelog for these minor releases, minor replace changelog is included in main updates changelog.
    14 September 2022 - Model 2.8.1
      - Improved: Wati gateway integration
      - Mounted: Deserted carrt desk not foung in uncommon circumstances
      - Mounted: Notifications not working when product isn't discovered
      - Mounted: [] not supported PHP error
    29 August 2022 - Model 2.8
      - New: WooCommerce Deserted Cart Notifications
      - New: {{wp- person placeholder assist for Customized Person Teams
      - Improved: Efficiency enhancements
    7 August 2022 - Model 2.7
      - New: Simple Digital Downloads Compatibility
      - New: WhatsApp Cloud API Compatibility (Free WhatsApp Messages)
      - New: WooCommerce Product Hyperlink placehoders
      - New: Elementor Varieties assist
      - New: Conditional logic assist in Gravity Varieties
      - New: Publish replace notification
      - New: WPML Compatiblity
      - New: Notifications for Publish by way of Relaxation API assist
      - New: Template choice in check gateway settings
      - New: Spoki WhatsApp Gateway
      - New: Damcorp WhatsApp Gateway
      - New: Wati WhatsApp Gateway
      - New: Telenot Pakistan Gateway
      - New: Aliyun SMS Gateway
      - New: Fast2SMS Gateway
      - New: TurboSMS Gateway
      - New: Beem.africa Gateway
      - New: Sendlime Gateway
      - New: QuickSMS.xyz Gateway
      - Improved: Help for Uncooked URL encoding in customized gateway
      - Improved: Improved and optimized library loading in Extra Gateways
      - Improved: Amazon SNS and Pinpoint gateway integration
      - Mounted: D7Networks gateway not working
      - Mounted: RedSMS gateway not working in some websites
      - Mounted: Skebby gateway points
      - Mounted: Disabled indexing for poorly configured servers
      - Mounted: Pending message overlapping in some websites
      - Mounted: Order creation notifications not working when third occasion plugin modifications the standing
      - Mounted: RTL overlapping
      - Mounted: Buddyboss notifications not working for some websites
    11 April 2022 - Model 2.6.3
      - Mounted: Points with Gupshup WhatsApp Enterprise API
      - Mounted: Fast SMS field lacking from order web page in uncommon circumstances
      - Mounted: PHP warning in WP Publish Web page in uncommon circumstances
      - Mounted: A number of entries on Person Teams import
      - Mounted: Points with modal sticking to high in person group
    28 February 2022 - Model 2.6.2
      - Improved: Efficiency
      - Improved: Telephone validation
      - Improved: JazzCMT Gateway improved
      - Mounted: Check gateway not working when utilizing template
      - Mounted: Buddypress settings not getting saved in some circumstances
      - Mounted: Gupshup WhatsApp Enterprise API
      - Mounted: {{vendor-name}} rendering a number of gadgets hardly ever in case of a number of amount
      - Mounted: Buddypress electronic mail not working in uncommon circumstances
    9 January 2022 - Model 2.6.1
      - Improved: Android 12 Help for WPNotif App
      - Improved: Gupshup WhatsApp integration
      - Improved: Gateway.sa integration
      - Improved: Branded SMS Pakistan integration
      - Improved: SMSCountry gateway unicode assist
      - Improved: From assist in sms.ru
      - Improved: Check gateway cellphone quantity subject
      - Mounted: Gravity Varieties Edit Entry not saving cellphone quantity
      - Mounted: WC Order standing change notification not triggering from Vendor Dashboard
      - Mounted: Publication sending duplicate in very uncommon circumstances
      - Mounted: WhatsApp notification not working when SMS template is empty
      - Mounted: Points with 360Dialog gateway
      - Mounted: Points with eskiz.uz gateway
      - Mounted: Disable cron job setting not getting saved
      - Mounted: Customized set off not working in some circumstances
      - Mounted: {{vendor-name}} not working when utilizing {{orderitem- in identical template
    27 November 2021 - Model 2.6
      - New: Buddypress Compatibility / Notification triggers
      - New: Elementor Varieties compatibility
      - New: Routes in Fast Notification
      - New: Means to replace order standing with out sending notification
      - New: Conditional logic compatibility with Gravity Varieties
      - New: Particular person Objects worth shortcode
      - New: Means to set off notification for various standing from orders web page
      - New: Means to disable cron
      - New: 360Dialog WhatsApp Gateway
      - New: OurSMS.com SMS Gateway
      - New: WholesaleSMS SMS Gateway
      - New: Cellular.web.sa SMS Gateway
      - New: Eskiz.uz SMS Gateway
      - New: GlobeLabs SMS Gateway
      - Improved: Toast SMS Gateway API
      - Mounted: WPNotif subject in gravity varieties not exhibiting in some websites
      - Mounted: SMSFactor gateway situation
      - Mounted: Choose and checkbox rendering as array in CF7
      - Mounted: A number of person teams not getting chosen in New Publish Notifications
    8 October 2021 - Model 2.5.1
      - Improved: Foxglove Gateway API Replace
      - Improved: Kalyera settings
      - Improved: Enable theme to overwrite our font
      - Improved: DLT Template ID assist in customized gateway
      - Mounted: Esendex gateway situation
      - Mounted: Gravity varieties edit cellphone subject not working
      - Mounted: Not having the ability to take away quantity from account
      - Mounted: Add taxes in vendor order complete
    22 July 2021 - Model 2.5
      - New: SKU Shortcode
      - New: Particular person merchandise worth shortcode for a number of gadgets
      - New: Possibility to make use of WhatsApp Internet or Desktop App
      - New: Msg91 Unicode assist
      - New: Yith Vendor compatbility
      - New: DLT compatibility in Customized Gateway characteristic
      - Improved: Added taxes in vendor order complete
      - Improved: Change the separater from : to => in DLT templates
      - Improved: Multivendor assist in single order
      - Mounted: TurkeySMS gateway situation
      - Mounted: Ship Fast SMS label translation
    16 June 2021 - Model 2.4.2
      - Improved: Verimor gateway integration
      - Improved: Msg91 line break
      - Improved: WhatsApp integration
      - Mounted: Cron crash when WooCommerce isn't put in
      - Mounted: Shortcode warnings
    18 Could 2021 - Model 2.4.1
      - Improved: App notification push
      - Improved: SMSgatewayhub integration with DLT
      - Mounted: Date picker battle with woodmard
      - Mounted: Msg91 sender ID for nations aside from India
      - Mounted: Checkout processing situation with labsmobile gateway
    23 April 2021 - Model 2.4
      - New: smsaleart.co.in gateway integration
      - New: hubtel.com gateway integration
      - New: toast.com gateway integration
      - New: telesign.com gateway integration
      - New: kavenegar.com gateway integration
      - New: brandedsmspakistan.com gateway integration
      - New: beeline.ru gateway integration
      - New: sms.ru gateway integration
      - New: routee.web gateway integration
      - New: web2sms237.com gateway integration
      - New: smsmode.com gaetway integration
      - New: turkeysms.com.tr gateway integration
      - New: sozuri.web gateway integration
      - New: kivalosolutions.com gateway integration
      - New: sms.ninja gateway integration
      - New: websms.com gateway integration
      - New: DLT compatibility with many Indian gateways
      - New: Android app doesn't request supply report now
      - Improved: Integration with WCFM market
      - Improved: Unifonic URL replace
      - Improved: Telephone quantity recognition
      - Mounted: Menu battle with WC vendor plugin
      - Mounted: Challenge with SMSMasivos
      - Mounted: WooCommerce Tax placeholder not working
      - Mounted: Person group not working when dimension of person position is greater than 30 characters
    8 February 2021 - Model 2.3
      - New: Realtime push replace to android app for SMS Gateway
      - New: Pending Fee Notification wait time
      - New: Person Approval (Digits Plugin) Notifications
      - New: Vendor Title placeholder
      - New: Web site URL, WordPress URL, Tagline, Privateness Coverage Placeholder
      - New: Line break allowed in publication
      - New: Variable product assist in shortcode
      - New: Order Merchandise assist in customized placeholder
      - New: WooCommerce Billing Telephone subject assist in publication
      - New: OsonSMS gateway integration
      - New: SMS.ir gateway integration
      - New: Doo.ae gaeway integration
      - New: Notify.lk gateway integration
      - New: Malath.web.sa gateway integration
      - Improved: Telephone quantity assist
      - Improved: WhatsApp Enterprise API Gateway check
      - Improved: Added route choice in Msg91
      - Improved: Sender identify in orange gateway
      - Improved: Plugin dimension
      - Mounted: App not sending SMS in some units
      - Mounted: Points with some gateways
      - Mounted: Telephone quantity enter masks on admin's finish
      - Mounted: libphonenumber situation with some plugins
    21 November 2020 - Model 2.2
      - New: Messagebird WhatsApp Gateway
      - New: Karix WhatsApp Gateway
      - New: Gupshup WhatsApp Gateway
      - Mounted: Line break not working in Publication WhatsApp route
    3 November 2020 - Model 2.1.2
      - Improved: Eliminated quantity formatting from backend
      - Improved: SMSGatewayhub now makes use of transaction route
      - Mounted: Tick person consent bins by default not working
    8 September 2020 - Model 2.1.1
      - Improved: Choice to cross quantity with or with out nation code to cellular app
      - Improved: Twilio WhatsApp integration
      - Improved: Publication compatibility with WC Billing Telephone
      - Mounted: 2factor gateway situation
      - Mounted: MimSMS BD portal not working
      - Mounted: Person consent inflicting a crash when WC not put in
      - Mounted: Monitoring placeholder crash in some websites
      - Mounted: # rendering with placeholder
    25 Could 2020 - Model 2.1
      - New: Shortcode for edit cellphone subject
      - New: ExpertTexting Gateway
      - New: Route choice for contact varieties
      - New: Message encoding choice for the customized gateway
      - Improved: Nonce verification getting failed in Publication subscription type in some circumstances
      - Mounted: WhatsApp Enterprise App not opening from WPNotif App
      - Mounted: Customized gateway not working when submit information is shipped as a string
      - Mounted: WhatsApp Enterprise not working for Handbook SMS set off
      - Mounted: Customized placeholder not working for visitor checkout fields
      - Mounted: Gravity varieties admin notifications not working in uncommon circumstances
    9 Could 2020 - Model 2.0
      - New: SMS/WhatsApp Publication
      - New: Cellular App
      - New: Ship SMS out of your present Telephone plan
      - New: 110+ New SMS Gateways
      - New: Multivendor/Market Help (all plugins)
      - New: Person Teams
      - New: Telephone Subscription Type
      - New: New Publish Notifications
      - New: Contact Type 7 submission notifications
      - New: Gravity Varieties submission notifications
      - New: Set off WhatsApp messages utilizing our app
      - New: WC Product Low and out of inventory notifications
      - New: Recurring publication
      - New: Possibility to pick out particular admin/person for admin notification
      - New: 20+ predefined placeholders
      - New: Choice to hold consent checkbox checked by default
      - New: Default nation code choice
      - New: RTL assist in template bins
      - Improved: Efficiency
      - Improved: RTL assist
      - Improved: Translations
      - Improved: SMS template field is now resizable
      - Mounted: On/Off change getting translated
      - Mounted: Fast SMS not working for retailer supervisor
      - Mounted: Eliminated deprecated jquery API from settings
      - Mounted: Points with some SMS Gateways
      - Mounted: Admin bar getting hidden in Frontend when WhatsApp enabled
      - Mounted: Linebreak not working in WhatsApp Pending messages
    6 February 2020 - Model 1.8
      - New: Clear all and delete WhatsApp Internet Pending checklist
      - New: SMS triggers for visitor checkout
      - Improved: Eliminated html tags in message
      - Improved: Zero width character points with monitoring hyperlink
      - Improved: Login SMS precedence given to Digits cellphone subject
      - Mounted: & changing to amp in url in WhatsApp Internet
      - Mounted: Customized order standing not triggering in uncommon situations
      - Mounted: Regsitration message not working with Digits one click on
      - Mounted: WhatsApp internet getting triggered even when turned off in some circumstances
    19 December 2019 – Model: 1.7
      - New: Low Inventory notification
      - New: Out of Inventory notification
      - Mounted: Registration message not working with Digits one click on
      - Mounted: Customized order standing notification not working in some circumstances
      - Mounted: WhatsApp Internet getting triggered on handbook set off when turned off
    26 November 2019 – Model: 1.6
      - New: Date added to WhatsApp Internet Pending Messages
      - New: Person Signup and Login notifications
      - New: Password change notifications
      - New: 8 New WordPress profile fields placeholders
      - New: 1 New WooCommerce shortcode
      - New: ibulksms SMS gateway
      - New: Alfa Cell SMS gateway
      - New: Amazon Pinpoint SMS gateway
      - New: SendInBlue SMS Gateway
      - Mounted: Frontend console warning when WhatsApp Internet enabled
      - Mounted: Twilio handbook set off SMS not sending
      - Mounted: Yunpian not working
      - Mounted: Web site background getting modified for admin
    15 October 2019 – Model: 1.5.2
      - Improved: Loading icon when testing gateway
      - Improved: Translations
      - Mounted: Crashing when utilizing Alphacell/Mobily.ws
      - Mounted: Translation points in WP Admin panel
      - Mounted: Background getting modified for admin accounts
    21 August 2019 – Model: 1.5.1
      - Improved: Dashboard menu merchandise out of WooCommerce 
      - Repair: Fast SMS solely taking 2 characters
    8 August 2019 – Model: 1.5
      - New: SMS gateway africastalking.com
      - Improved: Line break assist in WhatsApp Internet
      - Improved: MSG91 integration
      - Improved: Up to date SMS.ru API
      - Mounted: Similar library utilized by different plugin conflicts 
    24 July 2019 – Model: 1.4
      - New: Placeholder for merchandise names and depend {{wc-product-name-count}}
      - New: Gateway Amazon SNS
      - New: Gateway Ghasedak
      - New: Gateway Farapayamak
      - Mounted: Pending checklist not working when not in admin panel
      - Mounted: Placeholder checklist button lacking from fields
      - Mounted: Database situation with some character set
      - Mounted: select2 battle
    19 July 2019 – Model: 1.3.1
      - Improved: WC Delivery Monitoring now assist transport hyperlink
    18 July 2019 – Model: 1.3
      - New: WhatsApp Internet (Free) Integration
      - New: 100% GDPR suitable
      - Mounted: SMS choice not getting turned off
    2 July 2019 – Model: 1.2
      - New: Hooks to vary message worth from exterior perform
    29 June 2019 – Model: 1.1
      - New: Array worth assist in customized placeholder
      - New: postmeta assist in customized placeholder
    27 June 2019 – Model: 1.0.1
      - Mounted: WhatsApp API check button producing error
    26 June 2019 – Model: 1.0
      - New: Preliminary Launch


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