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WooCommerce Pipedrive CRM Integration is a Pipedrive CRM integration plugin for WordPress that makes it actually easy to ship your WooCommerce orders on to your Pipedrive CRM account. After the combination, created the orders are robotically added as deal to the desired account in Pipedrive CRM, along with further information.


Benefits of our plugin


  • Combine your `WooCommerce` orders with Pipedrive CRM.
  • When making a deal, an individual and a company are created (or used present if there may be) and related to it.
  • Fields are loaded from the CRM (together with customized fields).
  • Sending in two modes: instantly upon checkout / standing change, or with a slight delay through `WP Cron`.
  • Sending information in regards to the merchandise in an effort to the deal (in observe).
  • Helps `Merchandise` in Pipedrive (if work with `Merchandise` is enabled in your account, the plugin will robotically create merchandise within the listing and fasten them to the deal).
  • Helps for sending order standing adjustments.
  • Helps for `utm` params in `URL` to make use of.
  • Helps for sending `GA Shopper ID`.
  • Helps for sending order coupon listing.
  • Helps for sending vendor title `Dokan`.
  • Helps for sending voucher code `WooCommerce – PDF Vouchers`.
  • A number of pipeline help.
  • Bulk order sending functionality.


  • The plugin requires a minimal 3.5.* `WooCommerce` model.


For details about the brand new model and the set up of updates, you should use the plugin from Envato – Envato Market WordPress Plugin.



- Function: use the primary `product` if greater than 1 discovered by `title` (#220).
- Function: including a `code` for a transport merchandise (#217).


- Function: new filter `itglx/wc/pipedrive/stop-create-product` (#185).


- Function: new filter `itglx/wc/pipedrive/product-row-by-order-item` (#182).


- Function: attempt to discover product by `sku` (discipline `code`) earlier than by `title` (#160).
- Function: skill to set/change crm `product id` for product/variation (#159).


- Function: new filter `itglx/wc/pipedrive/deal-note-content` (#157).


- Fastened: don't ship discipline `worth` when updating `deal` information (#143).


- Fastened: added polyfill `mbstring` when there is no such thing as a `php` extension (#124).


- Function: filling `won_time` by the date of order completion (#107).
- Function: filling `add_time` by the date of order creation as an alternative of `now` (#106).
- Function: cancel the recurring activity if there aren't any orders (#75).
- Fastened: sending information to a discipline of sort `double` (#109).


- Fastened: don't register a brand new job to ship, provided that there's a pending job.


- Function: a everlasting hyperlink between the `product` on the positioning and within the `crm`.
- Function: seek for an individual by telephone & e mail as an alternative of a reputation & e mail.
- Function: help for processing utm tags when utilizing caching plugins.
- Fastened: `utm` information loss throughout delayed sending.
- Fastened: restrict on the variety of fields has been elevated to the utmost potential 500.


- Function: add new tag [order_admin_edit_link].
- Function: add new tag [order_id].
- Function: add new tag [order_status_id].
- Function: add new tag [order_status_title].
- Function: add new tag [shipping_price_total].


- Function: skill to delete all order hyperlinks with crm deal.
- Function: add new filter `itglx_wc_pipedrive_send_tax_info`.
- Function: further bulk ship choice (all or not but despatched).
- Function: use `motion scheduler` to execute the order sending occasion as an alternative `wp cron`.


- Chore: `foreign money` discipline.
- Function: non-compulsory sending adjustments by fields when sending standing adjustments (or order modified) for a deal (after the primary information sending).


- Chore: present deal id so as listing.
- Function: redesigned technique of sending information by mass actions with orders, to realize better stability.


- Chore: added new filter `itglx_wc_pipedrive_do_not_send_order`.
- Chore: default log file path, moved to `WordPress` uploads listing.
- Fastened: ignore meta information whether it is object or array.
- Function: ship by wp cron (with a delay) or instantly.
- Function: added a examine for the existence of the deal earlier than the replace, if it doesn't exist, a brand new one is created.


- Chore: use `webpack` to construct property.
- Function: added new tag for merchandise title template - [item_product_variation_attributes_info].
- Function: template for the title of the product merchandise line.
- Function: the power to disable the addition of sku to the product title when sending to crm.


- Chore: compatibility examine with WC 4.4
- Function: present merchandise meta information in observe.
- Fastened: compatibility with `Versatile Checkout Fields`.
- Function: help pipedrive merchandise.


- Chore: added filter `itglx_wc_pipedrive_deal_stages_resolve_list`.
- Chore: ignore deal service fields.
- Chore: added discover if `standing mapping` not configured.
- Function: utilizing the brand new search API.
- Function: reset fields cache by button with out cron.
- Function: added the power to log requests to CRM (disabled by default).


- Chore: the listing of customers id is displayed subsequent to the sector of the person sort.
- Fastened: potential search error of the prevailing group in a part of the title.
- Function: replace for an present individual and group.


- Fastened: the menu merchandise isn't displayed when utilizing `Admin Menu Editor`.
- Function: populate the worth of the choose and multiselect discipline.


- Chore: bettering the looks of the settings web page.
- Function: help for processing any meta buyer values (worth have to be written earlier than the order is distributed to crm).


- Fastened: deleting a shortcode string if it has no worth, in any other case only a shortcode string may have been despatched.
- Fastened: compatibility with `Checkout Subject Editor for WooCommerce`.
- Fastened: compatibility with `WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Professional`.


- Function: added new tag - [order_coupon_list].
- Function: added new tag - [shipping_method_title].
- Function: added new tag - [order_create_date].
- Function: helps ship voucher code `WooCommerce - PDF Vouchers`.
- Function: helps ship vendor title `Dokan`.
- Function: help for `GA Shopper ID`.


- Function: skip order processing for specified merchandise.


- Function: Bulk sending orders to CRM.


- Function: help for processing any meta order values (worth have to be written earlier than the order is distributed to crm).


- Fastened: may happen utilizing `WP_Error` as `array`.


- Preliminary public launch


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