Progress Map, Directory Bundle


Progress Map, Listing Bundle” is a set of “Progress Map” and the add-ons “List & Filter”, “Submit Locations” & “Keyword Search”.


1. How you can set up the bundle?

“Progress Map, Listing Bundle” accommodates 4 plugins. It’s good to set up every plugin seperately. Every plugin will likely be in its personal folder. Inside every plugin’s folder, you’ll discover¬†a ZIP containing the installable plugin and the textual content information that indicated the brand new modifications/enhancements made within the newest model and the hyperlinks to the “demo”, “documention”, and different assets of every plugin.

2. How you can replace the bundle?

“Progress Map, Listing Bundle”¬†accommodates 4 plugins. When a plugin is up to date to a brand new model (for instance, “Progress Map”), we are going to exchange the previous model of that plugin that’s included within the bundle with the most recent model. You’ll additionally obtain an e mail informing you in regards to the availablity of a brand new replace.

“Progress Map, Listing Bundle” will all the time comprise the most recent model of every plugin!


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