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Elementor Professional Type Widget Zoho CRM & Zoho Desk Integration is a Zoho CRM & Zoho Desk integration plugin for WordPress that makes it actually easy to ship your Elementor Professional Type Widget types on to your Zoho CRM or Zoho Desk account. After the mixing, submited the shape are routinely added as lead, deal, contact or case (in Zoho CRM, customized modules are additionally supported) or ticket (in Zoho Desk) to the desired account in Zoho CRM (or Zoho Desk), along with extra knowledge.

Suitable with Zoho CRM Plus and Zoho One throughout the scope CRM and Desk.


Benefits of our plugin


  • Combine your `Elementor Professional Type Widget` types with Zoho CRM & Zoho Desk.
  • Combine limitless `Elementor Professional Type Widget` types.
  • You’ll be able to selection that your need to generate – lead, deal, contact or case (in Zoho CRM) or ticket (in Zoho Desk).
  • Fields are loaded from the CRM (together with customized fields).
  • You’ll be able to arrange every type personally, specify which data your need to get.
  • Sending in two modes: instantly when submitting the shape or with a slight delay via `Motion Scheduler`.
  • It’s potential to allow `approval mode`. (solely Zoho CRM – lead and speak to)
  • It’s potential to allow `approval course of set off` (solely Zoho CRM)
  • It’s potential to allow `workflow set off`. (solely Zoho CRM)
  • It’s potential to allow `blueprint set off`. (solely Zoho CRM)
  • Means to decide on the kind of sending `insert` or `upsert` (solely Zoho CRM)
  • Means to specify `Task rule ID` for lead. (solely Zoho CRM)
  • Means to specify `CRM Marketing campaign` for `lead`.
  • Helps getting `utm` params from the `URL`
  • Helps for sending `GA Shopper ID`.
  • Helps for sending `roistat_visit` cookie.
  • Helps uploaded information.
  • Helps customized modules (Zoho CRM).
  • Helps ship word (lead, contact, deal).
  • Helps ship tags.


  • This plugin requires the `Elementor Professional` plugin >= 3.2.0


For details about the brand new model and the set up of updates, you should utilize the plugin from Envato – Envato Market WordPress Plugin.



- Characteristic: capability to set `assigneeId` for the `ticket` (#166).
- Fastened: definition api `zone` by `accounts-server` (#152).


- Characteristic: fields cache dimension optimization (#129).
- Characteristic: added empty worth `not chosen` to all `choose` fields (#124).
- Characteristic: `elementor_pro/types/actions/register` for `Elementor Professional` >= 3.5.0 (#119).
- Fastened: checking built-in permissions as a substitute of extra (#115).


- Characteristic: set `crm marketing campaign` to `lead` (#99).
- Characteristic: added empty worth `not chosen` to `format id` choose (#89).


- Characteristic: extra versatile setting of worth `lead_source` (#86).


- Fastened: try to make use of `auth` knowledge if `is_wp_error` (#70).


- Characteristic: assist create a `deal` (#56).
- Characteristic: non-compulsory ship through `motion scheduler` as a substitute of `instantly` (#55).
- Characteristic: assist for shortcode `[all-fields]` as in motion `electronic mail` (#54).
- Characteristic: acquiring and utilizing the unique names of uploaded information when sending (#41).


- Characteristic (desk): computerized alternative of line breaks to `br` for ticket description.
- Characteristic: ajax allow / disable / clear logging.
- Characteristic: assist for processing utm tags when utilizing caching plugins.
- Fastened (desk): desk, preparation of a hyperlink for a request to the API.


- Fastened: formation of a cache of fields for `desk`.
- Fastened: incorrect namespace `controls supervisor`.
- Chore: added new filter `itglx_elpro_zoho_post_data_before_send`.
- Characteristic: capability to decide on the kind of sending `insert` or `upsert` (solely Zoho CRM)


- Chore: improved fields interface.
- Chore: drop a `required` attribute for fields within the settings, in any other case the widget won't enable eradicating all characters from the sector.


- Chore: added new filter `itglx_elpro_zoho_fields_before_send_{sort}`.
- Characteristic: assist customized modules (Zoho CRM).
- Characteristic: added assist auth via Self Shopper, not solely via Server-based.


- Chore: extra logging ship course of.
- Characteristic: assist create a word for a contact.
- Characteristic: assist create a word for a lead.


- Chore: use `webpack` to construct property.
- Characteristic: assist layouts for contact.
- Characteristic: capability to allow approval mode for a lead / contact.


- Fastened: displaying fields for the chosen format, when utilizing a number of types on one web page or world widget (lead motion).
- Characteristic: added new shortcode [form_name] to go type identify.


- Chore: minor enhancements in downloading the log via the admin panel.
- Fastened: ship `zc_gad` area knowledge as `GCLID`.
- Chore: don't test exists `php-xml`.
- Fastened: lead supply present worth.
- Fastened: php `discover` in lead motion.
- Fastened: put together customized fields for ticket.
- Characteristic: assist allow `blueprint` set off (Zoho CRM).


- Chore: extra versatile setting of values for format id and trade for lead.
- Characteristic: assist layouts for lead.
- Characteristic: set lead `format`.


- Chore: present `Proprietor` area.
- Chore: present `Account Title` area.
- Characteristic: added assist Zoho CRM - Case creation.


- Fastened: an try to make use of an empty array of fields to type an interface.
- Characteristic: added assist Zoho Desk - ticket creation.


- Chore: use composer autoloader.
- Fastened: potential incorrect habits when selecting a customized standing lead.
- Characteristic: added new shortcodes `[meta_page_url]`, `[meta_user_agent]`, `[meta_remote_ip]`.


- Chore: extra logs.
- Chore: extra details about the info sort subsequent to the fields.
- Fastened: redirects zoho auth with website used cloudflare.


- Preliminary public launch


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